I'm Michelle

I'm an ADHD and life coach based in the beautiful city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada and I work with clients from all over Canada and the United States.

I'm a Associate ADHD Coach and graduate of the ADD Coach Academy (an ICF accredited training program) and a graduate of the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program.

I spend time in both Calgary and Yellowknife, two cities that are near and dear to my heart. When I'm not coaching I enjoy challenging myself at my local CrossFit box, hiking in the mountains, and renovating my vintage home. 

I received a life-changing diagnosis of ADHD at age 37 and have been working in the field ever since. People with ADHD are wonderfully wired and I absolutely love helping them discover their natural superpowers!


Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m madly in love with all things Hawai’i. My cat’s name is Maui.
  • I've been a roller derby player for 5 years. My derby name is BombChelle. 
  • I grew up in Quebec and Prince Edward Island. I speak both French and Islander. 
  • I love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in both book and movie form. 
  • I got my private pilot’s license when I was 16 years old.
  • Steve Martin, and everything about him including his banjo, his movies and his books rocks my world. 
  • I lived North of 60 in the Northwest Territories for 12 years: 5 years in Norman Wells, and 7 years in Yellowknife.
  • The strangest food I’ve ever eaten (and liked) is alligator.
  • The most interesting place I’ve ever lived is Norman Wells, Northwest Territories. Population 600, no roads in or out except in winter when they build the ice road. 
  • I’ve driven the ice road twice: 145 km (90 miles) northwest from Norman Wells to Fort Good Hope and back in a Ford F-350. I only got stuck once.
  • The farthest North I’ve been is Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada and the farthest South I’ve been is Volcano, Hawai’i.
  • If I could go back in time, I’d go to 1969 and be at Woodstock. 
  • My favourite food is ice cream.