Video Blog: How to Support Yourself Through a Major Life Change

I made a video blog. The link to it is below. I shot it at 10,033 feet at the summit of Mt. Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii. Was it the best place to shoot my first video blog? Maybe, maybe not, and that doesn't really matter right now.

There are many things I would love to change about this video: my voice, my clothing, my appearance, the location, the tourist walking through my shot and the fact that I had to keep looking at my notes because I couldn't remember my carefully prepared message due to a headache and dizziness caused by mild altitude sickness. This represents the first time I shot and edited a video and the first time I've ever posted one to my webpage. I couldn't figure out how to just put the video on this page instead of just the YouTube link. That doesn't matter either.

But what does matter, and what I wouldn't change is that I did it. I am releasing it just as it is. I want a benchmark of where I started. The video isn't perfect itself, but it's the perfect start. I'm looking forward to making more of these videos and making them better each time. 

This first video blog was the scariest one I'll ever make. Don't let fears of imperfection and failure stop you from trying something new. We all start somewhere. You will get better with time and it won't be as scary any more. I promise.

Click on the link below to watch.