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I currently connect with clients via phone or Skype. Coaching over the phone is just as effective as in person coaching and also allows you to be in your own comfortable and relaxing space wherever it may be.

If you’re unsure whether coaching is for you or if you want to ask questions and learn more about me and how life coaching works, I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation session. 

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coaching for your unique brain wiring

I  coach adults who have ADHD and the loved ones of people with ADHD who are experiencing challenges and are looking for focused support. 

As a person with ADHD, I know what it's like to feel as if you aren't 'getting it' or that you can't effortlessly 'adult' like everyone else does. I've been there and I understand how discouraging it can be to wake up each day and have to deal with feeling misunderstood and different from others.
As an ADHD coach, I use a positive, strengths based approach so you can spend more of your time taking advantage of your strengths rather than constantly managing your weaknesses. Together, we'll develop an understanding of your unique strengths to create strategies and structure around what it is that you do best so you have the tools you need to succeed. 

Common areas of coaching are:

  • life and career goals, dreams and ambitions
  • understanding your ADHD traits
  • discovering your unique strengths, needs and values
  • time management, prioritization and organization
  • design for ADHD: physical environments designed to minimize distractions and maximize productivity
  • physical sensitivities and clutter issues
  • decision-making and procrastination
  • overwhelm and rumination
  • impulsivity, distractibility, lack of focus or motivation
  • mental and physical restlessness (hyperactivity)
  • developing self-awareness
  • life transitions (moving, changing jobs, home-life changes)
  • lack of follow through

A special note: You DO NOT need to have an ADHD assessment or diagnosis to be coached. 

Don't let your ADHD stop you from living your best life. Don't let what other people think about you and your ADHD stop you from living the life you DESERVE!